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Ashland Parks Foundation - Ashland Oregon / DONATION CAMPAIGNS

Donation Campaigns

The Ashland Parks Foundation (APF) has the following donation campaigns:

  • Lithia Park 100-Year Celebration Book
  • Lithia Park Butler-Perozzi Fountain Restoration Project
  • Nature Play Area at North Mountain Park
  • Ashland Senior Services Division 
  • Event Sponsorship
  • APF General Fun
All APF donations are tax-deductible and acknowledgement letters are provided for each donation received. Donations may be made online, or by cash or check. Please mail checks to: Ashland Parks Foundation, 340 S Pioneer Street, Ashland, OR  97520. Cash donations are accepted in person at the APF office, 340 S Pioneer St in Ashland. All online donations are through our ActiveNet website, which is a secure site. Note: If you do not have an account with ActiveNet, you will be directed to do so (it only takes minutes to do). Online donations are subject to a small processing fee (deducted at time of donation).

Thank you for supporting the Ashland Parks System! More info on our donation campaigns below... 

Lithia Park 100-Year Celebration Book  Donate online

Lithia Park: The Heart and Soul of Ashland John Enders' book entitled, Lithia Park: The Heart & Soul of Ashland, is now available for purchase. What a great holiday gift for family and friends! The release of the book coincides with the 100-year Anniversary of the park in 2016 - (Cover photo courtesy Jeffrey McFarland) Learn more





Fountain in Lithia Park The Butler-Perozzi Fountain Restoration Project - Donate online - The jewel of the Ashland Parks System is Lithia Park, home of the historic Butler-Perozzi Fountain. The Foundation supports the Ashland Parks System and has a goal of refurbishing the fountain. The fountain, situated on a formal terrace near the sycamore grove, a rose garden and the Butler Memorial Band Shelter, was offered as a memorial gift to the park in 1915 by Gwin Butler and Domingo Perozzi. The fountain was sculpted by Antonio Frilli in Florence, Italy, in the early 1900s and completely restored in the 1980s. Funding is needed for general repairs and vandalism damage. You can help the Foundation reach their restoration goal for the Butler-Perozzi Fountain by making a tax-deductible contribution.

Nature Play Area at North Mountain Park Nature Play Area at North Mountain Park - Donate online - APRC is developing a new Nature Play Area at North Mountain Park in Ashland. The design is in development, grant funding is in place and additional fundraising efforts are underway. We are seeking sponsorships and community partnerships to fill a $32,000 gap and reach our goal of $258,000 by the end of November, 2018! Learn more at


Senior Center Ashland Senior Services Division - Donate online - You can help fund programs at the Senior Center. 


Ashland World Music Festival Ashland World Music Festival Annual Event - Donate online


The General Fund - Donate online

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